ECE provide customized fan filter designed to suit a variety of industrial applications.

Designs range from small carbon filters fitted to overheard cranes to large installations providing 400 cubic meters per second of air.

Some examples for which fan filters have been applied are:

– Removal of noxious or toxic fumes.

– Low maintenance.

– Minimal initial cost.

– Self-cleaning.

– High volumes.

– Corrosive atmospheres.

– Install to mobile equipment.

– Cooling.

The following different types of Fan Filter Pressurisation units are available from ECE:

  • Vortex Filter Unit (with Primary, Secondary and Vortex Filters)
  • 4-Stage Filter Unit (with Primary, Secondary, Activated Carbon and HEPA Filters)
  • Activated Carbon Filter Unit
  • Dual Stage Fan Filter Unit (Primary and Secondary filter
  • Cartridge type fan filter unit (with optional reverse pulse self cleaning system)