Cartridge Type Fan Filter unit

ECE Cartridge Type Fan Filter Units with Reverse Pulse Self Cleaning System

ECE Fan Filter Units are generally manufactured from at least 2mm thick mild steel plate, with an epoxy powder coated finish (3CR12 stainless steel plate option is also available).

An additional Carboline paint corrosion protection coating can also be applied as per Client’s specifications.

The Fan Filter Unit are free standing foot mounted type / wall mounted type (for smaller units) and supplied complete with a backward curved non-overloading centrifugal fan. All filters are high efficiency polypropylene based cartridge type filters having an efficiency of 99% @ 1 micron in accordance with ASHRAE 52-76 test standard.

The Fan Filter Units are automatically cleaned on demand by reverse pulse air-jets on a timed basis (site adjustable). Allowance can be made for the provision of pressure switches to activate the cleaning system at a pre-set pressure drop. The dust leaving the cartridge filters fall vertically from the filter boxes to the external environment.

The Fan Filter Unit can be supplied with its own compressor providing clean, dry, compressed air at 6 bar for the reverse pulse self-cleaning system.

ECE manufactures a standard range of fan filter units designed for pressurization and cooling of electrical sub-stations. These units have been developed over several years in conjunction with our clients to provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance. The propylene cartridge filters and industrial grade backward bladed centrifugal fan provide a high level of engineering quality not found in other units.

High Efficiency |  Rugged Construction  |  High Dust Load  |  Low Maintenance  |  Optional Self-Cleaning